OCD Permitting

Register as an OCD Online Operator Administrator

The purpose of the Operator Administrator Registration Form, which will be produced by this process, is to identify one individual per operator whose name will be deemed to be on each OCD permit or form filed electronically by that organization.

Please note that after you fill in information on the following screen, the form generated by this process must be printed and signed by the president or a vice president of the corporation or by an employee of the corporation duly authorized (by corporate resolution or power of attorney) to approve and sign an Oil Conservation Division form on behalf of the corporation (if it does business in the corporate form), a manager (if it does business as a limited liability company), a partner (if it does business as a partnership), or the operator individually (if it is a sole proprietorship).

To Register as an OCD Online Operator Administrator

Your organization must be a registered operator with OCD (if you operated wells in New Mexico before December 15, 2005, you are a registered operator)

Generally, there will not have been an Operator Administrator form filed for your organization. If you have an Operator Administrator, please contact that person for a user id.

If you need to change the Operator Administrator, see if you have an Operator Administrator, or find out who it is, select your organization from this list:

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