OCD Permitting

Submit Fee Application for a Hearing or a Continuance

If you do have OCD Permitting account please sign-in and use the internal application screen.

For requests for hearing and requests for continuance, only one application/case number can be submitted per fee application.

  • Please attach the signed document in PDF format.
  • Documents are to be scanned at 300 DPI.
  • Name your PDF application aptly. (For example: AppHearing_CaseNo.pdf, Cont_CaseNo.pdf)
  • OCD currently accepts payment only by credit card.
  • Please call (505) 476-3441 or email ocd.fees@state.nm.us for support.

Enter your Application information

Notice: It is your responsibility to verify that your uploaded application is complete and attached successfully.

  • If your upload is successful and your application contains fillable fields, use the link above to verify all the fields are being populated appropriately.
  • If the fields in your file are not being populated after uploading, we recommend using your editing software to flatten or restrict the editing options on your file prior to uploading.
  • Use the "red X" button to remove the attachment and re-upload a new file; only the current attachment is submitted for review.

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