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[C-129] Venting and/or Flaring (C-129) Application

Submission Information
Submission ID: 315562   Districts: Hobbs
Operator: [331548] Targa Northern Delaware, LLC.   Counties: Lea
Description: Targa Northern Delaware, LLC. [331548]
, nAPP2405056615
Status: APPROVED  
Status Date: 02/19/2024  
References (2):
fAPP2123031392, nAPP2405056615 ... (click-to-expand) (click-to-collapse)


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Incident Well
Incident Facility [fAPP2123031392] TARGA NORTHERN DELAWARE, LLC.

Determination of Reporting Requirements

Answer all questions that apply. The Reason(s) statements are calculated based on your answers and may provide addional guidance.
Was this vent or flare caused by an emergency or malfunction
Did this vent or flare last eight hours or more cumulatively within any 24-hour period from a single event
Is this considered a submission for a vent or flare event Yes, major venting and/or flaring of natural gas.

An operator shall file a form C-141 instead of a form C-129 for a release that, includes liquid during venting and/or flaring that is or may be a major or minor release under NMAC.
Was there at least 50 MCF of natural gas vented and/or flared during this event
Did this vent or flare result in the release of ANY liquids (not fully and/or completely flared) that reached (or has a chance of reaching) the ground, a surface, a watercourse, or otherwise, with reasonable probability, endanger public health, the environment or fresh water
Was the vent or flare within an incorporated municipal boundary or withing 300 feet from an occupied permanent residence, school, hospital, institution or church in existence

Equipment Involved

Primary Equipment Involved
Additional details for Equipment Involved. Please specify

Representative Compositional Analysis of Vented or Flared Natural Gas

Please provide the mole percent for the percentage questions in this group.
Methane (CH4) percentage
Nitrogen (N2) percentage, if greater than one percent
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) PPM, rounded up
Carbon Dioxide (C02) percentage, if greater than one percent
Oxygen (02) percentage, if greater than one percent

If you are venting and/or flaring because of Pipeline Specification, please provide the required specifications for each gas.
Methane (CH4) percentage quality requirement
Nitrogen (N2) percentage quality requirement
Hydrogen Sufide (H2S) PPM quality requirement
Carbon Dioxide (C02) percentage quality requirement
Oxygen (02) percentage quality requirement

Date(s) and Time(s)

Date vent or flare was discovered or commenced
Time vent or flare was discovered or commenced
Time vent or flare was terminated
Cumulative hours during this event

Measured or Estimated Volume of Vented or Flared Natural Gas

Natural Gas Vented (Mcf) Details
Natural Gas Flared (Mcf) Details
Other Released Details
Additional details for Measured or Estimated Volume(s). Please specify
Is this a gas only submission (i.e. only significant Mcf values reported) Yes, according to supplied volumes this appears to be a gas only report.

Venting or Flaring Resulting from Downstream Activity

Was this vent or flare a result of downstream activity
Was notification of downstream activity received by this operator
Downstream OGRID that should have notified this operator
Date notified of downstream activity requiring this vent or flare
Time notified of downstream activity requiring this vent or flare

Steps and Actions to Prevent Waste

For this event, this operator could not have reasonably anticipated the current event and it was beyond this operator’s control.
Please explain reason for why this event was beyond this operator's control
Steps taken to limit the duration and magnitude of vent or flare
Corrective actions taken to eliminate the cause and reoccurrence of vent or flare
I acknowledge that I am authorized to submit a Venting and/or Flaring (C-129) report on behalf of this operator and understand that this report can be a complete C-129 submission per and NMAC.
I acknowledge that upon submitting this application, I will be creating a new incident file (assigned to this operator) to track any C-129 forms, pursuant to and NMAC and understand that this submission meets the notification requirements of Paragraph (1) of Subsection G and F respectively.
I hereby certify the statements in this report are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and acknowledge that any false statement may be subject to civil and criminal penalties under the Oil and Gas Act.
I acknowledge that the acceptance of any C-129 forms by the OCD does not relieve this operator of liability should their operations have failed to adequately investigate, report, and remediate contamination that poses a threat to groundwater, surface water, human health, or the environment.
I acknowledge that OCD acceptance of any C-129 forms does not relieve this operator of responsibility for compliance with any other applicable federal, state, or local laws and/or regulations.
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jfuentes (2/19/2024), If the information provided in this report requires an amendment, submit a [C-129] Amend Venting and/or Flaring Incident (C-129A), utilizing your incident number from this event.
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