OCD Permitting

NAPP2100625669 FOREHAND RANCH 22 STATE 8H @ N-22-23S-27E 2310S 2080W

General Incident Information
Forehand Ranch 22 State 8H

Closure Not Approved
Eddy (15)

N-22-23S-27E      2310 FSL      2080 FWL
32.289573,-104.179761 NAD83


Industry Rep

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Event Dates


Compositional Analysis of Vented and/or Flared Natural Gas

No Compositional Analysis Found

Incidents Materials

Cause Source Material Volume Units
Unk. Released Recovered Lost
Equipment Failure Treating Tower Crude Oil 2 0 2 BBL
Equipment Failure Treating Tower Produced Water 2 0 2 BBL
Equipment Failure Treating Tower Condensate 0 0 0 BBL
Equipment Failure Treating Tower [OBSOLETE] Natural Gas (Methane) 47 0 47 Mcf

Incident Events

Date Detail
01/06/2021 The (01/06/2021, NOR) application [13956] was accepted by OCD. The operator was emailed with details of this event.
01/06/2021 An application [13956] was submitted to OCD for review. It was submitted, indicating that it was an: [NOR] Notification of a release The operator was emailed confirmation of this event.
01/06/2021 The (01/06/2021, NOR) application [13956] was assigned to this incident.
01/06/2021 Additional Details provided by the operator: Received a phone call from the Eddy County fire dispatch (575) 615-7155 stating that the Forehand Ranch #8H tank battery in eddy county was on fire and emergency personal were on location. Dispatched the pumper to location. At this point it was determined that the 4x20 125psi heater treater for the FHR #8 well was on fire. The well was shut in and the fire department was able to put out the fire. Upon completion of exhausting the flames it was determined the fire was caused from a rubber gasket on the manway plate giving up and venting gas. When the gas came into contact with the hot exhaust from the fire tube it ignited. Both manway plates are still on the vessel. Corrective action is being taken.
01/06/2021 Initial Response question & answers at the time of notification were as follows.
  • The source of the release has been stopped: True.
  • The impacted area has been secured to protect human health and the environment: True.
  • Released materials have been contained via the use of berms or dikes, absorbent pads, or other containment devices: True.
  • All free liquids and recoverable materials have been removed and managed appropriately: True.
01/06/2021 New incident created by the operator, upon the submission of notification of release.
01/04/2021 Release discovered by the operator.

Orders No Orders Found

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