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Bluewater Lake (505) 876-2391
For reservations you can reach Reserve America at 877-664-7787 2/27/2021 - ongoing
Seasonal hours for Bluewater Lake State Park: April 1st to Oct 30th 6am to 9pm Nov 1st to Mar 31st 7am to 5pm 1/11/2022 - ongoing
Staff have identified Blue-green Algae Blooms appearing in the warm shallow waters at Bluewater Lake. Please use caution and avoid these areas, especially with pets. Not all blooms are hazardous, but it is not apparent which ones are. Do not swim or ingest water near these blooms and keep your four-legged friends away, too. 7/19/2022 - ongoing

Brantley Lake (575) 457-2384
Brantley is open for camping you must have reservations for Limestone campground. Primitive camping is allowed once again at Brantley. 7/4/2022 - ongoing

Caballo Lake (575) 743-3942
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station located next to Visitor Center is available to the public for use. A $5 vehicle entry fee is required 3/17/2021 - ongoing
Hours of operation for day use 6am to 9pm daily 3/30/2021 - ongoing
Primitive Camping allowed on first come first serve basis 5/17/2021 - ongoing
DIRECTIONS: On Google Maps use “EV Charging Station” as your destination for the Visitor Center. Iphone maps app is correct by typing Caballo Lake State Park. If you end up at Smith Ranch, turnaround head south and make a left onto HWY 187 for six miles and Caballo Lake’s main entrance will be on the left side. 3/17/2022 - ongoing

Cerrillos Hills (505) 474-0196
Looking for an annual pass, but can't make Visitor Center open hours? Call the park phone number. Expect a callback to arrange a meeting time at the visitor center. Only exact cash or check is accepted for payment. 7/2/2021 - ongoing

City of Rocks (575) 536-2800
Day use hours are from 7AM to 9PM daily. 3/30/2021 - 9/30/2022

Clayton Lake & Dinosaur Trackways 575-374-8808
Group shelter is now available for use. 5/13/2022 - ongoing

Conchas Lake 575-868-2270
New Mexico State Parks issued a “boil water advisory” for the Conchas Lake State Park water system. The water can be made safe by boiling it for at least five minutes at a rolling boil. Alternatively, bottled water can be used. Visitors will be notified when service is returned to normal and the water is again safe to drink. 10/13/2020 - ongoing
All campgrounds in the north area are open. Reservations are required for all developed sites. For reservations visit the park website or call 877-664-7787. 5/10/2022 - ongoing

Eagle Nest Lake (575) 377-1594
Camping is only allowed in the campground at designated sites. Currently all sites need to be made through Reserve America. https://www.reserveamerica.com/explore/eagle-nest-lake/NM/430008/overview 3/28/2022 - ongoing

El Vado Lake (575) 588-7247
El Vado Dam Project: The Bureau of Reclamation has begun renovation of the El Vado Dam. Due to periodic closures of State Road 112 over the El Vado dam, access to the Main Campground will be restricted at times to State Road 112 west from Hwy 84. Hargroves and Sands Cove Campgrounds access will be limited to State Road 112 west of the dam. Call the park office for any updates. 4/19/2022 - ongoing
El Vado Lake State Park is open to developed, overnight camping by reservation and first come/first serve in the following campgrounds: Grassy Point, Elk Run, and Pinon Beach. Primitive (pack in/out) camping is available at the South Point, Sands Cove, Hargrove's, and Peninsula camping areas. 5/16/2022 - 12/1/2022

Elephant Butte Lake (575) 744-5923
Hours of operation for day use 6:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. 3/1/2021 - ongoing

Fenton Lake (575) 829-3630
Fenton Lake is now 100% Reservation only for camping. To make reservations please call 1-877-664-7787. 4/1/2021 - ongoing
Fenton Lake State Park is open from 6AM-9PM seven days a week. There is a $5 dollar entrance fee. We are currently in a STAGE I FIRE RESTRICTION. All fires must be in a designated fire pit or grill, or your own grills. No boats bigger than 16ft are allowed on Fenton Lake. No gas powered motors only electric trolling motors. Vessels with trolling motors must be registered with the DMV. Any persons on a Kayak, Canoe, Paddle Board, Paddle Boat, or inflatable must wear life jackets at all times. 8/3/2022 - ongoing

Heron Lake (575) 588-7470
Heron Lake State Park developed campgrounds are open for RESERVATION ONLY camping. Campgrounds requiring a reservation are: Willow, Blanco, Brushy Point, Island View, Salmon Run, Ridge Rock, Ponderosa, La Laja and Piedra Vista. Remote camping is available without a reservation at Little Oso, Rincon, and Shore line between Sierra Vista and La Laja boat ramps. Remote camping fee is $8.00 per night payable at any pay station or the park office 7/26/2021 - ongoing
The primitive boat launch is available for launching small craft. 4 wheel drive is recommended. The primitive boat launch is located just east of La Laja boat launch and is marked with traffic cones. 5/17/2022 - ongoing

Leasburg Dam 575-524-4068
Camping is available by reservation only. 2/24/2021 - ongoing
Leasburg Dam State Park day-use open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m 4/2/2021 - ongoing
Playground is now open for park visitors. 4/7/2021 - ongoing
Restrooms and showers now open 4/16/2021 - ongoing

Manzano Mountains (505) 469-7608
The access road into the park may be muddy during inclement weather. Improvements were made in 2022 but the road is not paved and can be hazardous when saturated. 3/30/2022 - ongoing
Manzano Mountains State Park is open for camping. All campsites require reservations. Visit ReserveAmerica.com 6/27/2022 - 10/1/2022

Mesilla Valley Bosque (575) 523-4398
Group shelter use is currently not available. 2/24/2021 - ongoing
Mesilla Vally Bosque Park is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please check the website for Holiday Closures. 2/25/2021 - ongoing

Morphy Lake (575) 387-2328
Morphy Lake is currently closed due to the Calf Canyon Fire. 4/22/2022 - ongoing
Stage III Fire Restrictions. The park is closed to visitors due to extreme fire danger. The park will remain closed until further notice. 5/23/2022 - ongoing

Navajo Lake (505) 632-2278
Camping is available by reservation only. 2/24/2021 - ongoing
Due to ongoing inclement weather, the wash at Cottonwood Campground may run. This can restrict traffic access to and from the campground. Never attempt to cross a flowing or deep wash. 8/4/2022 - ongoing

Oasis (575) 356-5331
Camping is available by reservation only. 2/24/2021 - ongoing

Oliver Lee (575) 437-8284
The park's gate is open 24/7. 3/31/2021 - ongoing

Pancho Villa (575) 531-2711
DAY-USE hours 7AM-4PM; Park gates are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; 2/24/2021 - ongoing
Camping via reservation is HIGHLY recommended; The total number of "first come, first take" sites is very limited; “First Come, First Take” sites are as follows: SL-37, SL-47, SL-48, SL-49, SL-50, SL-52, SL-53; 4/16/2021 - ongoing
The Exhibit Hall is OPEN by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call and check for staff availability (575-531-2711); 5/31/2022 - 9/30/2022
The North Comfort Station is OPEN for use. The South Comfort Station is CLOSED for the summer season; 6/1/2022 - 8/31/2022

Pecos Canyon (505) 670-8196
Park is closed to all visitors and to all uses until further notice 7/26/2022 - ongoing
Pecos Canyon State Park is CLOSED to all visitors. No camping. No day use. 8/2/2022 - 9/1/2022
All reservations will automatically be refunded. Conditions will be evaluated weekly in conjunction with the Forest Service closures. 8/2/2022 - 9/1/2022

Percha Dam (575) 743-3942
Group shelter use is currently not available. 2/24/2021 - ongoing
Hours of operation for day use 6am to 9pm daily 3/30/2021 - ongoing
Lower Comfort Station is open. Showers are also available at the Lower Comfort Station. 4/16/2021 - ongoing
Dry Camping Allowed on first come first serve basis 5/17/2021 - ongoing

Rio Grande Nature Ctr. (505) 344-7240
Nature Shop hours vary based on volunteer availability. Please call ahead to check daily hours. (505)344-7240 4/27/2021 - ongoing
Park grounds are open 7 days a week to all visitors from 8 am to 5 pm. The Visitor Center is open 10 am to 4 pm. 6/29/2021 - ongoing
Hazard limb warning: Some species of trees commonly “self prune.” Poplars are most known for branch drop and cottonwoods (Populous deltoids) are poplars. Their branches tend to drop Spring through Fall with most drops happening at the time the leaves are falling. While stressors can contribute (high winds, heavy snowfall, ice, disease and insects) the branches drop under healthy circumstances as well. 10/12/2021 - ongoing

Rockhound (575) 546-6182
Camping is available by reservation only. 2/24/2021 - ongoing
Group shelter use is currently not available. 2/24/2021 - ongoing

Santa Rosa Lake (575) 472-3110
Camping is available by reservation only. 2/24/2021 - ongoing
A block release of of water is planned at Santa Rosa Lake starting August 12, 2022. This block release will draw the lake down to 2000 acre feet of water and will close the boat ramp. The Lake will become non-boatable due to dangerous lake level and the boat ramp no longer being in the water. 8/8/2022 - ongoing

Storrie Lake (505) 425-7278
Group Shelter is for DAY USE ONLY 7am to 9pm. To reserve group shelter you need to reserve it on reserveamerica.com or call 877-664-7787 3/30/2022 - ongoing
Camping is available by reservation. Primitive Camping is available on a first come first serve basis 3/30/2022 - ongoing
Limited water supply, only use necessary water while visiting Storrie Lake State Park. Do not fill up camper tanks prior to leaving the park. Thank you for your support during this City wide water shortage caused by the recent wild fires 8/1/2022 - 10/31/2022

Sugarite Canyon (575) 445-5607
Group shelter use is currently not available. 2/24/2021 - ongoing
Day use hours are 6 a.m. to dusk. 4/2/2021 - ongoing
Lake Maloya and Lake Alice are periodically stocked with rainbow trout. In addition, prior to 2020, the Friends of Sugarite annually stocked Lake Maloya with three-to-five-pound trophy trout. 4/2/2021 - ongoing
The park is a popular destination for bird and butterfly watching. 4/2/2021 - ongoing
Sugarite Canyon State Park maintains more than 20 miles of trails. Some trails are open for bicycles and horses. Leashed pets are allowed. 4/2/2021 - ongoing
The remains of the historic Sugarite Coal Camp are located in the park. Prior to arrival, visitors can download a free Flyover Country field guide app to their cellphones for the Sugarite Coal Camp trail. In addition, printed self-guided tour pamphlets are available at the Visitor Center. In-person tours are offered during the summer season or by appointment. 4/2/2021 - ongoing
Rock climbing is allowed on the south face of Little Horse Mesa. Climbers should contact the park in advance to ensure access. 4/2/2021 - ongoing
The name of the park is actually pronounced "Sugar-EET." 4/2/2021 - ongoing
There is no wifi nor cell phone service in the park. Visitors needing a connection must drive about a mile south of the park and pull off the road, or look for a wifi location in Raton six miles from the park. 4/4/2021 - ongoing
Park maps and brochures are available on the front porch of the Visitor Center, even if the building is closed. 4/4/2021 - ongoing
When you reserve a campsite, if possible please print out a copy of your receipt to put on your vehicle dash. 4/18/2021 - ongoing
Soda Pocket Campground is open through Sept. 30, 2021 and will close for the winter on Oct. 1. Campers arriving after dark must have the gate code to access the campground. The code is included in the reservation confirmation. Campers can also call the park at 575-445-5607 to get the code. The gate is locked overnight from dusk until 7 a.m. 7/23/2021 - ongoing

Sumner Lake (575) 355-2541
Camping is available by reservation only. 2/24/2021 - ongoing

Villanueva (575) 421-2957
Camping is available by reservation. A limited number of first-come, first-serve campsites are also available. Making reservations is encouraged. 4/16/2021 - ongoing
Group Shelter is for DAY USE ONLY 7am to 9pm. To reserve group shelter you need to reserve it on reserveamerica.com or call 877-664-7787 6/1/2021 - ongoing
Park Gate Hours- 7AM to 7PM October Thru April 7AM To 9PM April Thru September 10/7/2021 - ongoing
Dump Station Closed For Maintenance Repair 3/17/2022 - ongoing

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